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This blog accompanies the One-Name Study for the ‘Wilthew’ surname, registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies and The Surname Society. Posts will highlight recent and past findings, uncovered stories, contacts, sources and current problems.

This blog does not cover the full extent of the study, not provide full access to the data collected. If you have any queries or requests for information, help, please contact the study via the Wilthew study profile page on the Guild of One-Name Studies web site.

Wilthew’s and me

The Wilthew One-Name Study grew out of my own family history research. In trying to identify and locate the family of my 3x Great Grandmother, Sabina Jane Wilthew, I built up enough information to identify several related family groups of Wilthew’s from the parish registers in Durham and Northumberland in 2010.

Similarly, searching the census’ identified a limited number of family groupings, whilst very regular mis-transcriptions hid others from my initial searches until this became a pet side-project.

After uncovering evidence or rumours of a number of ‘interesting’ Wilthew’s in Northern England (murder, fraud on one side, and gainful employment on the other) London (Property portfolio’s and victims of burglary), Central and Southern America (possible involvement in a coup, and an envoy of the Crown), the United States (murder and bravery on the field of battle) and Australia (entrepreneurship with mixed success), I registered the study in May 2011 with the intention of pursuing further.

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